Worship Preparation: August 20, 2017

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Read the sermon text: Genesis 37

Read the sermon summary: The author weaves the unfortunate story of Joseph—inclusive of naiveté and sinful motives by the characters—as part of the unfolding of God’s plan and his faithfulness to the Abrahamic covenant. While we await the remainder of the Joseph story for the following Sundays, we know God’s faithfulness to his plan because of the death and resurrection of Abraham’s great…grandson, Jesus Christ.

Read the following song lyrics in relation to the sermon:

God, Come
Oh Lord our God
You promised us
You’d do more than we could ask or imagine
Now we have seen
Your faithfulness
You’re reviving and awakening this city

And we believe, that greater things
Are yet to come, are yet to come, so

Pour out your mercy, pour out your Spirit
Come have your way,
God, come
Show us your power, show us your glory
Come have your way,
God, come

Oh Lord we wait
For you to move
We are resting in your grace and your presence
Where you will send
God we will go
We’re an army bringing hope to every nation

Your Kingdom come, your will be done
On the earth as it is in heaven

Save the lost, send the saved
Help the hopeless find their way
For the glory of your name,
God, come

© 2014 © Not To Us Publishing (Admin. by The Summit Church Music), Samsings Publishing (Admin. by The Summit Church Music), Surrender SongsPublishing (Admin. by The Summit Church Music), and The Summit

Preaching: Tracy McKenzie
Music Leader: Landon Pauley

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